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This book is about the physicality of thought, emotions, etc. in our bodies. Brain does mind, and mind is just electrics and hormones, electro-chemical signaling. Thinking can be changed, substances/medication stunt our built-in calming system. I'm only half-way through and big changes have occured in me. A doctor and a neurologist wrote it for the layman.

Subtitled "The Practical Neuroscience of Happiness, Love & Wisdom"

A discussion about it.

This Link goes to the words of my challenges, er, I mean gifts I have received.

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"Brad, there is a violent beauty in heart-rending truth, unblinkingly told.
You are taking the many broken shards of your life and with your words, fashioning them into art. That is the alchemy of art, to take the very worst of life and by holding a mirror to it, magically beaming beauty from its reflection."